Statiflux Nondestructive Inspection Kit for Glass Lined Steel

Statiflux Enamel Test SystemStatiflux non destructive inspection is a simple, easy to use tool that finds cracks and pin holes in the enamel coating of glass lined steel reactors and accessories.

When glass lining has undergone mechanical or thermal stress it may gave tiny fractures that can’t be detected with visual inspection or spark testing. Statiflux uses a special  powder that is electrically charged and sprayed onto the glass lining to reveal crack and defects.

Statiflux will locate invisibly small defects by marking them with powder. The Statiflux gun blows a cloud of charged particles onto the part being inspected. Often the pattern of powder accumulation yields clues to the cause of failure. 

The materials used in the process are non-injurious to materials, operators, or food. Powder is available in multiple colors to ensure good contrast. 

GTI trained technicians are available to go on site and perform Statiflux testing and analysis.

These pictures show stress tests performed on steel samples: