Glasslined Cryo-lock™ shaft repair

Case Study for a glasslined Cryo-Lock™ shaft repair which required glass work and machining.

During the installation of a shaft into a 4000 gallon reactor it was found that the shaft had been improperly installed causing damage that needed both re-glass and shaft repair.  The glasslined cryolock shaft repair took place in our shop. Minor glass repairs were necessary but the shaft was found not to rotate in a true round fashion requiring work in the machine shop.

In order to mount the shaft in the lathe a collar was fabricated with a grove for the steady rest to support the shaft.  In the process the worn section was turned out of the shaft on the large lathe. A small collar was fabricated to fit in the machined slot on the shaft.

The collar was cut in 2 pieces then welded into the groove for position. The final step was to machine the shaft to final dimensions.

The results saved the customer from having to purchase a new shaft or having to have the drive-end replaced.

Glasslined Technologies is a company that doesn’t just try to sell you something new but we do our very best to restore your existing equipment.

Cryo-Lock™ is a trademark of Pfaudler Companies, Inc.