Vessels, Baffles, Hubs, Agitators

We have a variety of furnaces and equipment at our facility to handle re-glassing of items small and large. Our goal is to constantly improve our process and formulation to become a world leader in re-glass capability.

Our glass formulation – PureGl® – is a proprietary compound that is specifically designed for broad use in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food production environments. We carefully control both base coat and glass materials to ensure consistency and quality.

As a consequence of experience and investment in technology our repairs will be stronger and more dependable. Our process is constantly monitored to meet or exceed ASTM and DIN standards. 

Before packaging for return shipment all equipment is tested for glass thickness. A detailed inspection report accompanies your shipment.

Contact GTI via telephone or email for details.

  • reactors
  • agitators: 1 & 2 piece
  • baffles
  • protection rings
  • covers
  • valves

MSDS’s for the last product produced are required for acceptance.

Reglassing candidates should be cleaned before shipment.

Reglassing candidates should be shipped only with a GTI issued authorization number.