Reglassing as an Alternative

Reglassing as an Alternative

If the process is new to your company, Reglass of existing equipment is an attractive alternative  with a much shorter turn around time for reactors and spare parts.  A nonstandard part may require up to 6 months for fabrication. This process can significantly shorten this lengthy cycle time. Overall cost is reduced by 40% or more. Glasslined Technologies, Inc.  offers reglass solutions for several common items in your facility. Consider reglass and reconditioning for an item when the glass has worn as a result of the process or repairs have failed leading to equipment unsuitable for the current process. An hub with blade damage can be reglassed for a fraction of the cost of replacement. A shaft or agitator with drive end wear can be repaired with a new drive end saving the entire piece over complete reglass or replacement. 

  • Two Piece Glass lined Agitation Systems
  • Retreat Curve Agitators
  • CBT Hubs
  • Glass lined Baffles
  • Manway covers Vessels and Reactors to 4000 gallons
  • Glass lined Access Covers
  • Manway Covers
  • Glass lined columns
Column fully repair and ready for packing

Recently reglassed column section inspected

Reglass provides significant advantage over the extended process involved in fabricating new equipment. On the other hand, items in your “boneyard” can be returned to like new condition rather than sent to the scrap yard for pennies.    The reglass process coating returns the items to like new status with the same warranty as new. Each piece is shipped with a detailed glass thickness report and spark tested at 15,000 volts.

The Reglass Process

  1. Inspect, document, and record condition upon arrival.
  2. Remove all enamel through a blasting process.
  3. Perform metal repairs for blind holes or damaged steel.
  4. Decontaminate the substrate.
  5. Apply several coats of glass.
  6. Inspect between firings
  7. Inspect and record final glass thickness.
  8. Coat exterior with approved protective coatings.
  9. Each piece is covered with a 12 month warranty.


Repaired Reactors Ship Out from our Facility

Glasslined Technologies provides several quality options for reconditioning or reglass options with over 40 years experience. Please call or email with any questions and pictures for a quote or we can have a field representative stop by to look at items in question.

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