Re-glass Reactors

Re-glassing of worn or damaged reactors is a cost effective and quick way to get your plant back running at full capacity. GTI can re-glass vessels up to 500 gallons. ( If you are in need of something larger we can work with you to find the best solution to your problem)
GTI’s proprietary glass formulation Puregl is 20% stronger and warrantied for reglass failure for 12 months.


Technician tests new glass lining for depth

Technician tests for consistency of glass coating

The re-glassling process at GTI:

We encourage the owners of glass-lined steel equipment  to re-glass their worn or damaged equipment in order to achieve the maximum value from their initial investment in their core stock and to reduce the time required to acquire replacement equipment. GTI’s proprietary glass formulation Puregl is 20% stronger than previously used and warrantied for re-glass failure for 12 months.

Initial Assessment
All equipment candidates for re-glassing service must be evaluated individually prior to shipment. Evaluations are available via telephone or email. Often we can reach a conclusion based upon your photos.  Subsequent to the initial assessment we will prepare an estimate for the re-glassing service and any ancillary repairs. On equipment where there has been exposure or erosion of steel, the estimate may be amended  to include charges for steel restoration.
Note: Equipment that has experienced slight to moderate steel exposure or erosion can often be repaired. Equipment candidates which have experienced catastrophic steel erosion typically experience poor results. Equipment which has experienced erosion completely through the steel are generally declined.

Scope of Work
In order to keep the customer’s equipment expense to a minimum (the primary reason for re-glassing), GTI and the customer, together, may decide to re-glass only a portion of the part or vessel. Customers should confirm the anticipated scope of work prior to shipment of the candidate.

Lead Times
Upon receipt of the vessel or part, we will enter the candidate into the GTI furnace firing schedule. All parts and vessels require 5 to 6 firings minimally. We target the most appropriate or match the glass thickness for the desired use by our customer. A single firing may take 8 hours to achieve the best possible adherence without defects. Because of the firing schedule lead times are generally 4 to 6 weeks.

Expedited Processing
We understand your need for speed and we offer an expedited service to move your piece up in our production schedule. Overtime charges will apply for this service but it will receive top priority.

Quality Control
We test for glass thickness with state of the art equipment. Every individual piece of re-glassed equipment is visually inspected, spark tested at 15,000 volts (except impellers) and mapped. The inspection report will accompany your equipment.