On-Site Repair Services

Service technicians are “PICS pre-certified” to work in hundreds of plants worldwide; are certified for Confined Space Entry and can be available around the world, around the clock.

GTI operates with the latest, most technologically advanced tools and can supply its own suits, breathing devices and safety equipment.

Glass Integrity:

  • visual inspection
  • statistical glass thickness mapping
  • spark testing

Drive Integrity:

  • drive inspection, evaluation and diagnosis
  • mechanical seal evaluation

System Integrity:

  • failure analysis
  • system consultation
  • system installation consultation
  • system removal consultation
  • used equipment inspection, on or off site
  • inspection of third party repairs


  • system or vessel installation/ removal
  • system or vessel assembly/ disassembly
  • construction site consultation
  • agitation system (1 & 2 piece) installation/ removal
  • accessory installation/ removal


  • sleeve installation: Tantalum/ PTFE
  • Tantalum patches & plugs installation
  • agitation systems (1 & 2 piece) mounting/ dismounting
  • mechanical seal replacement
  • drive system repair or replacement

Training Seminars:

  • on-site
  • tailored to suit the customer’s needs

GTI can assist with Planned Maintenance shutdowns.