Interseal dry9000 advanced seal ensures product purity

We became aware of the Interseal dry9000 when a customer asked us to rebuild one that had been in use for seven years. During the rebuild process we were particularly impressed with this ingenious design. Since that first incident we have had the opportunity to provide several dry9000’s to several other customers.

The big story behind the Interseal dry9000 is a leak tight design that prevents product contamination coupled with no need for a coolant system.

The Interseal design is based on proprietary lip seal/ O-ring technology designed specifically for slow rotating shafts (below 200rpm); Reactors and Filter Dryers.

The design provides long life as well as clear indicators of wear. The floating bearing accommodates shaft deflection which eliminates a major cause of heat buildup in traditional seals while reducing wear on gearbox bearings. Call us for more details. May we also suggest a quick look at this you-tube video which shows how the dry9000 protects product quality without heat buildup.