Instruments to Gauge the Quality of Glass Lining in Reactors

We receive many calls about instruments to gauge the quality of glass lining from maintenance and engineering staff at our customer’s sites. In response we will add information about the instruments we use and recommend to our newsletters.

Elcometer is a UK based manufacturer of inspection instruments with offices in the USA.


456 Thickness Gauge

We like the Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge as the go to tool for measuring the thickness of glass lining. Key benefits – accurate and quick readings, light and durable handheld package, long battery life. A favorite of our techs in the field, the 456 has a number of probe options for various geometric and environmental requirements. Plus we like the integration to the PC that lets us produce clean reports. Blue tooth capability allows us to import data into pictures or inspection reports.

Addition items will be the subject of subsequent blog entries. These include spark tester to detect pinholes, USB microscope to detect surface damage, Statiflux testing and more.