Flush Valves for Glass Lined Reactors

Glass lined flush valves are used to open and close the drain at the bottom of a glass lined reactor. GTI offers flush valves for manual or pneumatic operation with a nylon coated corrosion resistant coating. All wetted surfaces are glass lined and Teflon.  PTFE gaskets, packing rings and seats, stems and bodies are in stock for easy maintenance. All valves are 100% spark tested and pressure tested prior to shipment.

Glasslined Technologies, Inc. offers valve rebuilding services for most manufacturers.

GTI glass lined products are coated with a proprietary corrosion resistant glass formulation designed to protect from product contamination while providing excellent service life.

Air operated flush valves are held closed by the stem spring and open under supplied air pressure. Pneumatic valves are fail closed. The glass lined valve and stem may be equipped with an RTD  temperature sensor. Flush valves are available in sizes; 2”x1 ½”, 3”x2”, 4”x3” 6×4” and 8”x 6” .