Plant Assembly or Dis-assembly

DemolitionOur trained staff are available to dismantle or demolish end of life structures and facilities. We operate with a “safety first” ethos while offering our customer the maximum return on their investment.

Count on GTI to aid you in asset recovery.

Recovered equipment is subject to a full range of disposition from resale, refurbishment, purchase for inventory or scrap. Our customers are secure in the knowledge that GTI is fully insured, well trained and always focused on safety.


Glass Integrity:
  • visual inspection
  • statistical glass thickness mapping
  • spark testing
Drive Integrity:
  • drive inspection, evaluation and diagnosis
  • mechanical seal evaluation
System Integrity:
  • failure analysis
  • system consultation
  • system installation consultation
  • system removal consultation
  • used equipment inspection, on or off site
  • inspection of third party repairs
Training Seminars:
  • on-site
  • tailored to suit the customer’s needs
  • system or vessel installation/ removal
  • system or vessel assembly/ disassembly
  • construction site consultation
  • agitation system (1 & 2 piece) installation/ removal
  • accessory installation/ removal
  • sleeve installation: Tantalum/ PTFE
  • Tantalum patches & plugs installation
  • agitation systems (1 & 2 piece) mounting/ dismounting
  • mechanical seal replacement
  • drive system repair or replacement
GTI can assist with Planned Maintenance shutdowns.