De Dietrich 4000 Gallon Glass Lined Reactor

DE DIETRICH NB# 2786: Dimensions: Vessel ID: 96″ Vessel OD: 102″ Straight Side: 133″ Heating Area: Jacket: 300 Sq Ft Bottom Head: 69.4 Sq Ft Vessel Coated with 2-part industrial epoxy Detailed inspection report with spark test and statistical glass thickness Installation, operation, and maintenance manuals U-1 Report.

  • Used vessel in excellent condition
  • Will be test run and pressure tested before shipment
  • Options:
    • RW Drive System
    • Dry Seals
    • Flush Valve
    • Cryo-lock two piece agitation system 
  • 12 month warranty
  • Standard top head nozzle arrangement.