Ceramic Coating Co. Glass Lined Reactors

Ceramic Coating Company was a manufacturer of Glass Lined Reactors located in Newport, Kentucky. From the mid 1970’s though the early 2000’s CCC manufactured glass lined reactors up to 4000 gallons, storage tanks through 10000 gallons as well as reactor accessories. 

CCC had a particular focus on Pfaudler compatible products with their full line of identical reactors, drives and parts. CCC offered replacement parts such as man way covers and drive systems compatible with Pfaudler DTW and RW drives.

We at Glasslined Technologies are in possession of Ceramic Coating records including part designs and customer records for the 1980’s and 1990’s. We frequently receive inquiries regarding as built designs and records of purchases for existing CCC systems. If your facility employs CCC equipment contact GTI for additional information.

 Ceramic Coating 4000 Gallon Glass Lined Reactor