Demand for Glasslined Steel lifted by resurgence of Chemical and Pharma production in USA

This article focuses on the resurgence of three industries; Chemical, Pharma and Nuclear. Thirty-five years ago, these industries were booming in the USA, providing high paying jobs for skilled trades and professionals. Twenty years ago, there began a mass exodus of Chemical and Pharma plants leading to the term offshoring. Today, both are coming back […]

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Glass Lined Dip Pipe (Sparger) for Columns and Chemical Reactors

Glass Lined Dip Pipe for 1000 Gallon Pfaudler Reactor

Dip Pipes are used to introduce products into columns or reactors. They are designed to provide the ultimate in corrosion-resistant, non-contaminating construction to 500°F for loading vessels below the liquid level, and decanting and unloading without the need for bottom outlets. The maximum recommended operating pressure is 150 psi. Dip pipes are fabricated per ASTM A836 / […]

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Prevent Downtime Caused by Gasket Failure

Product will pass through damaged gasket and erode the flange

Downtime in a chemical processing plant has been estimated to cost $500,000 per day or more, so discovering the root cause prior to gasket failure is worthwhile. Increasingly, the potential for failure may be diminished by giving these high consequence devices some attention. This photo exposes a classic example of damage caused by gasket failure. Once the […]

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