Tantalum Repair to Glass Lined Reactor at Agricultural Chemicals Plant

Large Tantalum patch across multiple axis'

This vessel is used in the production of agricultural chemicals. Due to market conditions the vendor supplies off-spec AHCL that contains trace amounts of fluorides in the 15-20ppm range.    The low Ph chemistry of the materials eroded a hole through the carbon steel sidewall at which time HCL was injected into the carbon steel […]

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Tantalum Repair to Glass Lined Flange

Flange repair with Tantalum patch

Flanges on glass lined equipment are vulnerable to failure. This begins the downward cycle toward eventual replacement of the equipment often sooner rather than later. Failure at the flange is among the most frequent cause for equipment replacement or re-glass  leading to costly equipment repairs, downtime, and replacement. There are two primary causes of flange damage. Sharing this information […]

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